> I've never received any money for 'Hallucinogen in Dub'

Wow that's hard to believe, the live album sits next to Faith No More's "Angel Dust" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in my collection.

Was Hallucinogen in Dub a lot of work for you? Do you feel it's a "reproducible" model or that it was a crapshoot?

Ott responded on 04/14/2014

What I got out of Hallucinogen In Dub was worth far more than money. At the time I did it I was considering giving up music altogether and it totally rekindled my enthusiasm for sitting in studios making funny noises.

It was six months of solid intensive experimentation. I can remember stopping for sleep every 32 hours, and really resenting having to leave the house to buy food and stuff. Some bits of it happened very quickly and some bits kept me going round in circles for weeks. Suddenly it was done.

I was convinced everyone was going to hate it because I'd thrown away most of the Hallucinogen, but in 12 years I have never read a bad review of it so I'll assume I did a good job.

The live thing was fun as a one-off but I'm in no hurry to do it again.

Occasionally Twisted and I talk about doing another "...In Dub" album [Shpongle etc] but that's as far as we get.

If it is meant to happen it will

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