I know you dont like questions like this, but I must to ask... What kind of (filter) effect you used on voice in your beautiful song "Queen of all everything''? Its sound amazing!
Tnx Mr. Ott =)

Ott responded on 04/20/2014

I love questions like this - whatever gave you that idea?

Anyway, it's not my voice it is my friend Naked Nick who sings on a lot of my stuff: 'Adrift In Hilbert Space' is another example of his awesomeness.

We put him through a compressor, an Autotune and a Korg MS20 synthesiser and I messed about with the knobs on the synth while he sang.

It was done in one magic take on the day we returned from Glastonbury festival 2006 and we knew it was special when we did it.

Tnx Mr Slobodan. :0)

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