Hey mate, i'm a big fan of yours and still get upset when i think i've missed your show last summer at Tree of Life Festival 2013, Izmir, Turkey. I'll probably catch you at Ozora 2014, though, but still gotta ask, do you have any plans to come Turkey (Istanbul or Izmir again maybe)?.

And, i hope this is not a silly question but, do you know Beardyman? If so, what do you think about Beardytron & would you consider doing stuff with him?

Thanks in advance, here is a pokemon for you (>'.'>)

Ott responded on 05/08/2014

Thank you - here is an idiot in return :0)

I really enjoyed my set at ToL last year - it developed an energy which took me by surprise. My wife and daughter were down the front for most of it and during The Queen Of All Everything everyone joined up for a group-hug and total strangers were coming up and kissing my beautiful girls. It was magical.

I do know of Beardyman and I think he's a genius. I would jump at the chance to work with him but these things happen only if and when they're supposed to.

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