audio dynamix atom v2 or the pulse? is pulse even better? which one would you buy, if you were buying now?

thank you.

Ott responded on 06/16/2014

I bought both.

The Pulse has a much bigger bottom end and I prefer it for general music listening around the house etc.

The Atom V2 I use more as a reference speaker in the studio and out and about as part of my mobile studio rig.

It has a much tighter and cleaner bottom end - less pronounced but more useful when making mix decisions - and a clearer midrange and top end.

The Pulse flatters, which is great for listening to The Flaming Lips in the bath.

The Atom is much more honest [I hesitate to use the word 'accurate'] and although it sounds great as a music player its real strength is as a portable studio monitor.

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