what kind of sound interface do you use when you are out of studio with your macbook pro and atom v2? using the one internal to macbook pro? is it sufficient?

i am also trying to assemble a setup like yours for outdoors..

thank you.

Ott responded on 06/19/2014

I just use the built-in MacBook audio interface, with a stereo minijack cable going straight into the Atom.

It is sufficient because when I'm out and about I'm just writing and not making any critical mix decisions.

That said, the MacBook sound quality is perfectly adequate - certainly better than the 20-bit audio interfaces I was using when I did Blumenkraft and Skylon.

My key concern with my mobile setup is conserving battery life and by using the internal sound and making a few adjustments - turning down screen brightness and switching off all Bluetooth and wi-fi etc - I get around six hours of MacBook battery on a single charge. The Atom lasts for days.

In my van I have a 150AH deep-cycle battery which will be fed by solar panels on the roof when I get round to fitting them, so hopefully this will mean I'm able to work off-grid for days at a time. Being in England, there's no guarantee of sun so I'll have to see how that works out.

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