I read that you rarely use the reverb because it muddies the mix. What do you use,delays with filtered transients? Also, to make your mix wider, do you use psychoacoustics? Like if a sound is coming from the right, do you delay that sound from say 10ms to 50ms (depending on the sound) in your left ear to imitate the delay the sound has when it goes around the head from one ear to the other.
Also dub syndicate's creation is to me, one of the most beautiful pieces of music, just curious if you also love the song? :)
Do you like Mad professor and Aisha high priestess album?
to me mixer as an instrument masters are adrain sherwood, scientist, mad professor, yourself and king tubby and lee scratch perry (which to my taste isn't as interesting but I have a great respesct for him) and thank you all for that :)
and lastly: if you had the chance would you like to produce a kate bush album? 2005 album aerials is great, and when I listened to it I thought that you on the board would work great

Ott responded on 07/14/2014

1. I do use reverb but not digital if I can help it. I have a couple of old spring reverbs that I use and sometimes I make my own reverb out of three elderly mono delay units. Modern digital reverbs tend to lend mixes a kind-of bland homogeneity. It's not an effect I like.

2. Yes, I use all kinds of little tricks to try to make things interesting in stereo. Nothing very scientific, just a load of cheap old delay units.

3. Yes, I like most by Dub Syndicate and 'Creation' in particular.

4. I've never been blown away by Mad Professor. I haven't heard of Aisha.

5. Most sound engineers use their mixer like an instrument. Most rarely get any credit for their musicality.

6. Yes, I'd love to make an album with Kate Bush. Not because I'm a particularly huge fan, but I sense that she is open to new ideas and willing to go out on a limb to create something different, which is the probably dream gig for any engineer.

And her equipment budget would be huge.

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