I'm the last guy, sorry on so many questions, I was pretty curious I guess :) And thanks on good times I've had listening to your music, didn't have enough space to thank you!
If you have time, try Valhalla Room reverb, it's one of the rare I actually like, the others I get along with, cause I don't have any other choice :) ...and it's 50$

Any good book recommendations?
I'm recommending "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yoogananda, that's the last one I read. The title sounds quite boring, and because of it I had a hard time beggining it, but its not written like most biography books, it's written in stories, and you can read the stories in no particular order, it's actually a really interesting and dynamicaly written book.

Ott responded on 07/14/2014

1. I have it. It is very competent. But it still smells of digital reverb.

2. Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

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