Blessings Ott... I had noticed in the Live at terminal west dvd that you played a lot of synth patches for each song live on the fly. My question is, how did you go about programming the live set in ableton to be able to accomplish that? Were you playing the masters of each tune minus the synth patches you planned on playing live? It's mind boggling to think of the amount of work that must have went in to planning out an all seeing eye show to be as original and seamless as it was, yet having refreshingly subtle differences to each song. And while were at it, can you recall your most engaged crowd from the all seeing i tour, or your favorite performance, I was fortunate to catch the Portland OR. show at branx and to this day it was the best show I have ever seen.... Thank you for such an amazing time!!

Ott responded on 08/13/2014

For the band I have stripped out versions of the songs split into 5 stereo stems:

1. Drums and perc - sampled percussion and loops.
2. Synth bass - all the stuff Chris doesn't play - which isn't much - the occasional drone or bendy sinewave.
3. Music 1 - all the background synths I'm not playing.
4. Music 2 - all the lead stuff I'm not playing.
5. Vocal samples - all the stuff Nick isn't singing.

I went through and chose a part of each song to play live and muted it in the stems and set Ableton Live to automatically switch programs on my controller keyboard/stage synth at the appropriate moment.

So all I have to think about is playing, and when I put my hands to the keys it has magically switched to piano or samples or vocal bits or organs or synths.

Nick's guitar sound patches are all automated too.

A big part of it is trying to create a blend of the sounds from the sequencer and the sounds of us playing live. Neither should dominate. A hybrid is what we're after.

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