you seem to be layering sounds a lot. Somewhere here you mention that a synth arpeggio was constituted by a Doepfler modular patch with three additional layers from other synths, one of which was the Albino softsynth.

Ott, I am learning designing sounds for music. What is the thought process you go through when you decide to add an additional layer? And what leads you to using that specific instrument? Can you give us some examples?

In that case you made a Doepfler patch. That already takes layering oscillators I suppose. Why did you feel the need to add an Albino to it, and a third one I can't remember?

Ott responded on 08/13/2014

It's like a painter mixing colours or a chef combining flavours.

The Doepfer has this big, fat, wayward sound that is very hard to tame but excellent for a bit of thuggery down the lower mid.

The Korg MonoPoly is a bit more stable and has a hard woody attack which is great for giving a sound a percussive bite.

The SH-101 is more stable again and does a very clean sinewave sub for weight.

The Albino has quite a brittle digital top-end and gives everything this plasticky sheen.

Synths rarely sound interesting on their own - I like to make complex mixtures of lots of different ones and end up with something i've never heard before.

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