Dear Ott,

I am a student of music at the berklee college, studying electronic music production and audio engineering. In all my efforts of trying to compose electronic music, using a combination of soft/hardware synths, there seems to be some confusion in regards to mixing what i produce. May i ask you about some of the areas you look into while doing so. I use the usual eq'ing, stereo vs mono, compression, balance and panning. I wonder if there is something unique you do or do i just need to continue working on these areas to get it to sound better. Any recommendations in this matter would be hugely helpful.

Thank You for your music,


Ott responded on 08/13/2014

It's not just a matter of doing "the usual eq'ing, stereo vs mono, compression, balance and panning" any more than cookery is about putting some stuff in a bowl and doing "the usual stirring and chopping and frying".!

A good mix is the sound of somebody expressing their passion for sound and music and striving to glimpse the secrets of the universe. Approach anything without passion and it'll sound like it.

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