Hey Ott! Looking forward to the new album :)

I know you have touched on the whole "not using sidechaining in the traditional sense (getting the kick out of the way of the bass)" I was curious about how you the kick and bass sit so well, even when there are conflicting frequencies, or do you try to avoid conflicting frequencies in this context, I also remember you saying to tune the kick to the bass aswell. could you shed some light on this please?

Also, what gating hardware/software do use to splice and dice up sounds (vocals) fast, tight, and clean?


Ott responded on 08/13/2014

I just work them until they sit well together - tuning, EQ, compression, quantisation, levels etc. There's no one technique. With low-end you need to work it like clay - squidging it about in your hands until it adopts a pleasing shape.

I always chop things up by hand - eye and scissors. Algorithms can sound a bit... 'algorythmy'.

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