Hey there Ott!

Been a huge fan of yours ever since a blessed piece of shiny plastic labeled "Blumenkraft" showed up in my mailbox.

I'm trying to pick up my first instrument and because dub bass has always called to me, and I've decided that getting an acoustic bass will give me a chance to learn some of the fundamentals of music itself while toying with an instrument that has innate appeal and a limited number of knobs and buttons to complicate things while I'm just getting started.

Since I've gotten so intimately familiar with your work over the years, I figured I'd try to learn some of your bass lines to start off with - even if they end up being difficult to play, I feel like the fact that I KNOW them already will help launch me in the right direction.

So, while I'm totally down to attempt to reverse engine-ear them, I was wondering if you could give me some pointers regarding where to begin on a track or two. Maybe Jack's Snack, Tulse Hell, or Daisies and Rubies?

Much love!

Ott responded on 08/26/2014

I wouldn't imagine they would be difficult to play - if I played them they can't be.

Learning by ear is definitely a worthwhile skill to develop and the ability to pick out a bassline in particular is great ear-training.

But rather than learning lines note-for-note I'd say that you'd be better served by absorbing the essence of what you like and learning to express that.

The notes themselves are unimportant.

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