Hi man, you were truely amazing at Ozora 2014, both at Dragon Nest & Chill Out Stage (what a suprise you sneaky!!). I was always at the frontest of stage to hear and record every bit of you & all seeing i created in my brain. I wanted to see you, since I discovered your music after Ozora 2011 official video, and after three years of wishing it, you do the math of my happiness. Your detailed soundcheck was really worth from the second you started your gig and bass hit the impatiently waiting faces of us xD

One question, why you guys were at Dragon Nest, but not Chill Out Stage for concert? (I dont know if its related but at festival lots of people didnt know you would take place, I had to teach lots of people hear about your gig durin week xD)

Bonus question: Do you have plans to come Turkey in 2014 or in early months of 2015?

Greetings from Turkey,


Ott responded on 10/18/2014

Because the Chillout Stage at Ozora is not setup for full bands to play. The sound system and the equipment on stage is optimised for DJs and laptop sets and it wouldn't have been possible for us to play in there.

The Dragon's Nest is purposely designed to stage bands and I think it was the right stage for us. The acoustics in the chillout at Ozora are a bit of a nightmare - it's an amazing space but it sounds like a church, with a 20 second reverberation. It just about works for mastered music but for a band with a drummer I think it would sound like a mess.

No plans to visit Turkey at the moment but I'm sure I'll be back at Tree Of Life if they continue to do it. My family and I REALLY loved being in Turkey. We spent a great week in Izmir, eating in amazing restaurants, hanging out at the anti-government protests and buying stupid shit from the bazaar.

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