Hi Ott!

I've been listening to your music for years now and only recently discovered how awesome the Live-version of 'Joyfull Wonder' is on the gnomelandia Liveset! Simply brilliant!

I have a technical question for you:

I've been trying to add home-made recordings in my music lately but it always sounds weak and homemade (not in a good way in my opinion) when try i add it to my pieces. I guess that's what i get for relying on perfectly clean samples all those years :/

I've read a lot about it but the magical web seems to be cluttered with good, bad and ridiculous info on the subject and it's impossible for me to keep them apart.

Do you have some usefull general advice? What is important in the process of recording? What affordable microphones are great to start out with?

My recording room has an acceptably flat response so at least i've got that covered :)

Good luck with your newest album!



Ott responded on 10/14/2014

That depends on what you mean by 'affordable'.

Most of my recordings are made with a Shure SM58 - probably the most popular microphone ever made and great on just about everything. Most audio interfaces have excellent preamps built in and then it's just a case of making sure your mic is in the best position to capture the sound you're trying to record. This can only be done through experimentation. There are no rules. Patience is key, as well as luck.

It helps to compress the shit out of everything too. You'll mess it up at first but once you learn how to use a compressor with subtlety you'll be where you need to be.

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