As always thanks for turning your vibes into music! I wait in anticipation for the new album :)

I have a question regarding your bouncing down your projects into 4 stems. A lot has been said about it below, but there is one point that still confuses me. If you are bouncing down into 4 stems where do you put the audio from the aux sends? Do you bounce each stem down individually, recording all the aux etc into that stem? Or do you do all 4 at once and have another audio channel for the aux (delay and spring reverb etc)

Also do you layer your bass, ie using one for sub and one for the body? compress them together and lowpass filter the result? if this is the case how low do you take down the LPF (just as a rough guide)?

and when using your phasers do you generally use them as inserts or aux sends?

Ott responded on 10/14/2014

1. All aux effects get bounced down into the stem containing their sound. So, when bouncing, I route the aux effects to the stem and then solo everything I'm bouncing down, bouncing one stem at a time.

2. Sort of. I use a linear phase crossover to split the bass sound into two bands and treat each one separately. The split is usually around 110Hz.

3. Both. I use phasers for everything. I have a phaser on my alarm clock. Blame Kraftwerk.

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