Dear Ott,

Your music is creamy, swirly, and delicious… not unlike the inside of an aerosol whip cream canister. And the high grade whip cream at that, not the cheap shit that makes you seriously question whether a cow was ever truly involved in any stage of its production. Yuck! All whip and no cream, just awful. Awful. But as they say, the cream always rises to the top. I'm sorry, I actually didn't grow up in the nineteenth century and therefore lack a tacit understanding of milk-churning metaphors. But it sounds nice, doesn't it? Anyway, I just wanted to say, from the heart... thank you for churning out quality. It really shows. Keep it creamy, swirly, and delicious!

Some fan somewhere

Ott responded on 10/14/2014

Whey to go!

Puts me in mind of the time we introduced our daughter, aged four at the time, to the time-honoured practice of taking the whipped cream can out of the fridge, putting the nozzle into your mouth and squirting.

Reluctant at first, she soon got the hang of it and ended up squirting too much, so that cream came out of her nose. Much hilarity ensued, etc.

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