Hi Ott,

How much work did you do on the Shpongle albums while you were at Twisted? I believe you engineered or edited the first couple of albums?

Do you still talk to Simon? is there possibility of an ott/posford collaboration?

btw, skylon is my absolute fave album, in Rouge bagel i picture you calling up and recording apple technical support and him reading out "J for Jelly"...

Ott responded on 10/16/2014

1. Hardly any. I compiled the first album [assembled the finished layout] and played timbales on one track. My contribution to Shpongle has been greatly overplayed. Not that I don't think they're completely awesome, I just wouldn't want to take credit that Isn't due to me. Shpongle is the genius of Simon and Raj.

2. We chat occasionally. I'd like to see more of him but we live quite far apart these days.

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