Do you have any favourite compressors to shape individual snare sounds (or examples of compressors you have used for snares which you were even more pleased with than normal?)

And do you often use parallel compression as well as "standard" compression or whatever it's called when shaping an individual snare?

Ott responded on 10/30/2014

My current favourite is the Drawmer DL221. It shapes the front end of a snare and makes it sit in a track like nothing else can. Others I have loved include the DBX160xt [thwack!] the Urei 1176 [boff!] and the Valley People Dynamite [kahh!]

I use parallel compression occasionally but it's just one technique among many. It is currently quite fashionable and has taken over from sidechaining in that respect. Quite a few plugin manufacturers include a wet/dry control which makes it easy to do, and hopefully this will inspire hardware manufacturers to start doing the same. It's obvious now that somebody has done it.

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