Hello, Audio dynamix atom v2 or the Bose Mini Soundlink ? Thank you.

Ott responded on 11/19/2014

Depends what you want it for.

I found, for my purposes, the Atom V2 was uniquely suited for use as a portable studio monitoring setup and enabled me to create mixes which translate well to other systems. My enthusiasm for the Atom is based purely on its ability to function as an ultra-portable studio monitor, which is a very particular application.

For general listening I might be inclined to go for something a little less honest and a little more flattering. I haven't tried the Bose Mini Soundlink in any depth - I checked it out briefly at an airport gadget shop once - but I usually like the sound of Bose equipment so I'd expect it to sound good.

I have an Audio Dynamix Pulse which I use as a portable hi-fi and I love it. Way more bass than the Atom, louder and altogether more flattering.

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