Hi Ott! Any tips for scrounging used gear on eBay or the like? I obviously don't have the funds to buy some of the stuff i'd like brand new but am worried about buying a lemon piece of equipment or getting ripped off. Have you ever bought any dud gear or has it mostly been smooth sailing for you? Is the savings in buying used worth the risk versus buying new? Thanks and keep up the great work!

Ott responded on 11/20/2014

Make sure you read the description carefully. On eBay, if the item arrives 'not as described' - i.e. fucked - you can send it back and get your money back. Make sure it's not listed as 'For Parts - Not working' unless you plan to fix it.

Decide how much it is worth to you, add on £2.88 and then place that as your highest bid. Then just ignore it until it ends. Don't get stuck into bidding wars: if you're disciplined you get bargains. Don't get fixated on a particular item: another will be along soon.

Look for misspelled items or things in the wrong section. I once got a Joe Meek compressor for 99p because the seller had listed it amongst air compressors.

Beware of customs charges. I only buy from within the EU as items from outside are subject to 20% import duty.

Look for things with zero bids ending soon and sweep in to grab them.

Don't buy crap things just because they're cheap. Most things with Behringer written on them are crap.

Some aren't though. Do your research.

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