Hi Mr. Ott.

Thank you for keeping me entertained with your music over the years.

If you ever get the time, I am trying to get into music production for fun, and am curious as to which software I should use. I saw you bring up bitwig on your website, but I was curious about your thoughts on Logic pro, as I did try Garageband on my macbook before. I am just looking for something simple to use and powerful that I can express my creative outlet with. I'm quite partial to middle eastern instruments it seems. I won't take offense if you don't respond, as I know you're a busy man, and I have the utmost respect for you.

I hope you and the family are well, and I am psyched for your new album.


Ott responded on 12/15/2014

Hi Jeff,

I was a Logic user from V1 to V5.55 but I moved to Cubase when Apple bought it from Emagic and abandoned us PC users.

I switched to Apple computers in 2011 and bought Logic 9 but I wasn't impressed. I was pretty astonished at how little it had changed in ten years and it felt a little archaic to me.

Cubase is so far ahead of the rest in my opinion. In just about every way it outperforms everything else I've tried.

I use things like Bitwig and Ableton Live and Reason for writing but I always come back to Cubase for anything serious like arranging, mixing etc.

I suppose it's just a workflow thing - you most enjoy that which you are most fluent with. Cubase is like an extension of my brain.

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