Hi Ott,
I know from previous posts that you have your tracks mastered by someone else. Does the mastering process alter your mixes in any way for example bringing out or emphisizing elements that you didn't intentionaly want.

In other words with the exception of bringing up the volume and giving it some sparkle does it change anything about the mix that you just have to accept as a small compromise?


Ott responded on 12/15/2014

Actually he doesn't end up altering the volume that much.

If it was just a case of "bringing up the volume and giving it some sparkle" I could do that myself with a couple of cheap plugins and save myself £1000.

What he actually does is take my eight songs which were mixed months apart with different approaches in different rooms and make them sound like they were all made on the same day. He will adjust them to sound more or less dense, more or less dynamic, correct any perceived mistakes I may have made and make my mixes sound as good as they can be.

A subtle twist of EQ can completely change the emotional weight of a track and I have been surprised on many occasions at how much can be done with very little.

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