After seeing the animalistic line-up at Ozora 2015, I've immediately bought the ticket already & can't wait to see you again. I'm pretty sure, just like the last year I'll be at the frontest line & be busy being hypnotized with you & the All Seeing I.

But it seems like this year all the big bois are going to be there, maybe we can see you at the same stage with other musicians at any of the stages?... (Gargoyles in Dub? xD)

Ott responded on 12/16/2014

Simon and I will be doing a special mud-wrestling show in the Pumpui on Sunday morning.

We'll be stripped to our purple nylon underpants and wrestling each other in a paddling pool full of mud and hippy-faeces, to a soundtrack of pumping Armin Van Helden classics, for three hours, or until one of us submits.

I anticipate total victory because, although he may have the strategy, he's a sickly lad with arms like pipecleaners.

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