Hello Ott, thank you so much for your beautiful music which I listen to for peaceful enjoyment as well as serious sonic study.
I would love to know how you perform live with your band, from a technical point of view. I have a band - live drums and bass and laptop (some live keys). How do you guys monitor? In-ears? Stage monitors? What do you send to the monitor engineer? What do you send to FOH? What stems from your laptop do you send to FOH? (Do you mix them yourself into a stereo pair before going to FOH? Do you take your Presonus desk out live and if so is that purely for mixing your laptop stems?) Do you have any control over the bass/guitar/drums or do you leave that completely to the FOH engineer? So many questions, I know. I've done a million gigs with totally live bands but never incorporating a laptop and mixing/performing electronic music. Any guidance would be invaluable as there is no rule book for performing electronic music. I LOVE that there's no rule book!

Ott responded on 12/25/2014

Main laptop running stems on Ableton Live - programmed percussion and anything I can't physically play.

Behringer X32 on stage mixing everything except drum kit.

Bass straight into X32.

Guitar into X32 via NI Guitar Rig.

Vocals into X32 via extensive fx chain in Ableton Live.

Keys from NI Komplete as Audio Units in Ableton Live, played from Roland SH-01 Gaia, with some Gaia sounds mixed in.

Drum kit goes straight to FoH and returns to the stage and X32 as a pre-fade stereo mix for monitoring purposes.

We have no monitor engineer. I submix all of the stems and instruments into groups which I then send to FoH and to the band members' individual P16 personal mixers. Each creates his own monitor mix and we use wired Ultimate Ears Pro-7 in-ear monitors.

The FoH engineer mixes the individual drum balance and the eight stereo subgroups I send him.

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