why i cant buy your lp on vinyl at europe?
that is so hard for me. when i listen you from cd or yt, i need something more.
need fucking details

Ott responded on 12/25/2014

You can't buy my fucking albums on fucking vinyl because I've never fucking pressed any.

This is mainly because it is really fucking expensive and wasteful of resources, but also because my fucking albums are really fucking long and would need to be pressed onto double fucking vinyl to fit. Also, they contain sounds which are really fucking hard to press onto vinyl. The compromises I would have to make in order to make my stuff cuttable would really fucking limit the extent of a lot of the fucking stereo processing I use and that's a fucking drag.

Also, I'm not really a fucking fan of the sound of fucking vinyl in general. On cheap equipment it's fucking un-dynamic and fucking grainy and prone to fucking surface noise.

Hope this fucking helps.

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