The Queen of All Everything - what's the story behind that? It contributed to an unforgettable day on the beaches of St Kitts in September 2014. That's my side.

Ott responded on 12/31/2014

A It was 2004 and I had been single for many years, feeling pretty unloved and lonely.

Out of the blue I met Zoe, the woman who is now my wife. It was the morning after the first night she stayed over at my house and, after having breakfast together, we kissed and she left to go and do her thing. "See you in a few days then..."

Floating on a cushion of air I went into my studio, switched on my electric piano and played the first four chords you hear. I then added the water and birdsong sounds and spent the rest of the day listening to it on cycle, sighing and gazing out of the window.

Then I saved it into my Song Ideas folder as "Ahhhh" and put it away.

A year later I found it and added the drums, bass and some of the synths, saved it and put it away again.

In 2006, me, Zoe, Naked Nick and his missus went to Glastonbury Festival. After a weekend of loved-up psychedelic hi-jinx we went back to my house to decompress, shower, eat and hang out.

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