The Queen Of All Everything [contd.]

Ott responded on 12/30/2014

While the girls were watching a film, Nick and I sneaked into the studio to listen to some of the tracks that would become Skylon and when I played him "Ahhhh..." he immediately offered to try a vocal on it. So, still a bit spangled, we set up a mic and passed it through a Korg MS-20 synthesiser. He then proceeded to record the vocal you hear in a single take while I manipulated the controls on the synth to give it the weird spacey sound.

I then put it away for another year.

In 2007, my daughter Daisy had just been born and I'd built a new studio in my garage. The first thing I mixed in there was "Ahhhh..." and when it was finished I had to give it a name. I decided to name it after that which inspired it, and, as 'Zoe' is not an ideal name for a song, called it 'The Queen Of All Everything" instead.

And it can never be pointed out enough, it is a collaboration between me and Naked Nick Holden. He's very modest about it but it definitely wouldn't exist without him.

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