I've read through every question on here at some point or another. I find you get asked the same two or three questions over and over. Do you ever get annoyed repeating yourself? Actually you seem too nice to get really peeved with it, with the exception of the latest vinyl question.

Ott responded on 01/03/2015

No, not really.

The exceptionally boring ones:

"What does your name mean?"
"What does O.T.T. stand for?"

I get sent three hundred times a week and I just delete.

The rest I'm happy to answer because not everyone has the time or patience to read through 2000 questions and it sometimes means I get to indulge in childish sarcasm.

The vinyl thing I can understand because music formats are in a really weird place right now. MP3s are a bit unromantic and CDs aren't much of an improvement. I still have every vinyl record i ever bought, while every CD I ever bought has been ripped and sent to the charity shop.

I know my 12" LP covers inside out, the sleeve notes by heart and I can remember the tactile pleasure of buying vinyl.

In all honesty I would love to set about re-releasing all of my back catalogue on top quality vinyl, but that would take a huge amount of time and money and distract me from the important job of finishing my next album.

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