Just out of the purest of curiosity, Have you ever done gigs in Devon? or to expand on that would you ever do home town gigs?

Ott responded on 01/06/2015

I've played at Glastonbury and a few other festivals nearby - Sunrise, Wingmakers, Buddhafield, Big Green - and I used to have a residency at Tribe Of Frog in Bristol when I lived up near there, but no, most of my gigs seem to be at least a plane ride away.

Round here it's all farmers, artisan potters, shepherds and carpenters and they like their fiddles, mandolins and pipes. Occasionally somebody will organise a jam session in a yurt in somebody's field and they'll all sit around on hay bales with their wooden instruments, playing 15th century smuggling songs and going 'woo!' and 'yee-haw' every so often.

I've been tempted to turn up with my laptop and my Atom speaker and join in on my virtual MS-20 but I know they'd all stare at me like I'd turned up to a bar mitzvah with a side of bacon.

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