During the making of your album, how do you decide whether or not to bring in another musician?
Do you bring in the band? If so, do you bring them in all together? each individually?
How often do you record a track with you playing all of the instruments?
How did you get such a luscious chord progression and such a deep full bass on "The Queen of All Everything? What chords are those?

Figure i'd squeeeeeeze all these questions in together. Thanks Ott, you're much appreciated!

Ott responded on 01/06/2015

A lot of what I do is me playing all the instruments. I'm not a guitarist or a singer so I call on friends to help me with that, but generally i just tend to grab whoever is passing.

I like to play drums and percussion, so I record myself doing that, and I like to play bass [on keys] so I tend to do that too.

For this album I am making a conscious effort to invite friends into the studio and record them and I have offers of vocals, guitar, mando-cello, uilleann pipes, all of which I intend to take up.

Generally though, it's me, in the studio, on my own, layering stuff up until I have something I haven't heard before.

The chords to TQOAE are very simple and the bass is just a sample of a fretless bass. Nothing fancy.

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