In an early answer you mentioned you like to play drums and percussion, do you set a tempo your feeling at the time, groove away on an electric kit for abit, keep the good bits chuck the resk and copy the groove to build a track over? or program the grooves in on the computer at the start?

The reason I ask this is as a drummer I Never used to listen to electronic music ever based on my (Then) closeminded view that it had "soules, repetitive beats" but then a friend played Blumenkraft at a party and offered me my first smoke about five years ago... and everything changed!! so thankyou for that life changing moment at that party! and how do you aproch your loose and groovy beats? Thanks again Ott.

Ott responded on 01/08/2015

You're most welcome.

I almost always start from a drum loop, sampled from a record or somewhere. Then I'll add a working bass, just to play to, then I layer up acoustic percussion and drums, one track at a time.

Occasionally I'll get my acoustic drum kit out and make my own drum loops but they always end up getting chopped up into bits and reassembled because I'm capable of building far better grooves with a computer than I am with sticks and pedals. I'm no Bernard Purdie.

I spend quite a lot of time trying to build drum parts which sound like a blend of the organic and the digital because there are aspects of both that I really love.

Nothing beats a real drummer effortlessly pouring out rhythm though.

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Hey there,
I'm an Engineering Physics student at the colorado school of mines (although I'm not quite sure how or why), and I'm playing around with the Idea of making some kind of ultra-tactile MIDI controller for my senior design project. I know that most synths out there have WAY more parameters than are easily controllable with the majority of devices. So I was thinking about a digital instrument that combines dynamic pinching, pulling, bending (possibly in all 3 dimensions), stretching, etc of a sensor to create a midi signal with more parameters.

My question is whether or not such a device would be at all useful in recording or live performance. While tactile control of many parameters would be really neat, would it be too much to deal with when trying to play it live? Would there even be any advantage to having something like that over just setting up automations beforehand?

Any thoughts you might have on the subject would be very much appreciated!

Ott responded on 01/06/2015
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Hi Ott, I noticed you mention Bernard Purdie and remembered him from Steely Dans "The Making of Aja" Album where he puts down the same grove as on your link. Nice documentary to take in for an hour.
By the way, I recently had 2" studio tapes from an old band of mine in the late 80's bounced down to digital so I can mix at my leisure. Do these digital track keep the analog sound when bounced?

Ott responded on 01/19/2015
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