Hi Ott, I noticed you mention Bernard Purdie and remembered him from Steely Dans "The Making of Aja" Album where he puts down the same grove as on your link. Nice documentary to take in for an hour.
By the way, I recently had 2" studio tapes from an old band of mine in the late 80's bounced down to digital so I can mix at my leisure. Do these digital track keep the analog sound when bounced?

Ott responded on 01/19/2015

I love Bernard Purdie but I would sooner rip my own ears off than listen to Steely Dan. The musical equivalent of warm, sour milk. I once worked with a live sound engineer who would use 'Deacon Blues' to straighten out the sound system at every sound check and I was on the verge of having him whacked after a month.

Great engineer, great guy, fuck Steely Dan.

If your tapes were transferred competently, using good quality A-D converters, they will have retained all of their analogue goodness

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