Hi, my friend. I need your help.. I´m from S. America. I work only with vst/vsti because it is what I have. Usually an "idea" remain for many months or years in the hard disk..The problem is when windows or the hard disk is broken.. and the only solution is to reinstall, before i could convert my sounds to a wav format (normally i do this when the song is ready to mix..) Sometimes it is impossible to recover some sounds due to vst/vsti lost or update.. and many others i ended up losing the full song. Most of my cubase proyects are a nightmare.. a chaos full of sounds.. What you recommend me to avoid this? How do you manage that amount of sounds and tracks on your songs? Bring me some light if you can, please.. I wish you good luck in 2015. Thanks a lot man!

Ott responded on 01/19/2015

I ALWAYS bounce my sounds to WAV, as soon as I decide I like them. I don't trust computers or their operating systems but I do trust WAV files so I archive my sounds as soon as they are done.

If I have an analogue synth playing a part and it's time to go home to bed I ALWAYS bounce the sound to audio before i leave, just in case something happens to the synth overnight and the sound gets lost.

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