You stated earlier that you dislike the sound of reverb on synths. Yet, listening to, say, Jack's Cheese and Bread and Snack, a lot of the sounds seem quite 'wet' and distant. Surely there's more than just tempo-synced delays going on!?

Ott responded on 01/20/2015

I dislike standard, generic, '2.5 sec. plate' or 'medium room' type reverbs on anything.

On 'Blumenkraft' it would have been a Yamaha SPX90 doing a stereo delay, and the effects section from a Kurzweil K2000 wired up to an aux send [you can do that with a K2000] and set to a modified 'Into The Abyss' preset, which is a chorus feeding a delay feeding a 20 sec. reverb.

I know this because it was the only outboard reverb I owned back then.

The Kurzweil reverb is so ridiculously lo-fi and dense that if you feed it enough things it ceases to function as a reverb and becomes a kind-of pulsating synth pad that spreads off into the distance, gluing your synth sounds together. It's not subtle but it is distinctive. I don't use it anymore, having built a Reaktor ensemble which does the same job.

But yes, most of what sounds like reverb in my tracks is tempo-synced delays.

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