Which of your albums is your favorite sonically? I personally like the dirty sound of Blumenkraft the best (I know you didn't ask me, haha). Regardless, I think all of your albums are a treat to the ears!

Ott responded on 01/20/2015

The one I'm working on at the moment.

This is the first album of mine where I've been able to work in a space without 'problem' acoustics and mixing is pretty effortless in here. Stuff is sounding how I want it and there's none of the hit-and-miss of my previous studios.

Blumenkraft was mixed in the untreated living room of a bungalow, Skylon was mixed in the converted garage of the same house and Mir was mixed in a barn behind the last house I lived in. All of those spaces had serious issues, mainly with the bottom end, and mixing was a very tedious process of comparing on car stereos, listening from the kitchen and hoping for the best.

By comparison my current studio is effortless, which should yield results when it comes time to mix.

The 'dirty' sound of Blumenkraft is mainly attributable to the fact that it was all mixed down to a horrible consumer Aiwa DAT machine I bought for £80 from Cash Converters, presumably traded in by an impoverished heroin addict.

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