Thoughts on layering drums? For example, some producers stack a bunch of one-shot samples to make their kick or snare sound. I don't really hear that going on in your productions.

Ott responded on 01/26/2015

That means I'm doing it right then. I tend to layer up quite a few drum sounds, sometimes trimmed to get just the portion of the sound I like.

So for a snare drum, say, I might use the attack portion of an 808, the body of a Linn LM1, the ambience of a stereo recording of an acoustic snare and a rimshot for accents. It wouldn't be unusual for me to have four or five snare drums and a couple of kick drums layered up, as well as a selection of different hi-hats, and bits of drum loops to fatten things up.

Then there are the layers of hand-played percussion...

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