ott, i fell utterly hopeless listening to your music. do you have any comments or advice for aspiring muscians who want to create something as beautiful as your music? (other than persist, persue, yada yada)

Ott responded on 02/07/2015

But it's not 'yada yada' - it's everything.

The track I'm working on today I started in 1983, when I sat down with my first synth and decided I wanted to record the sounds in my head. Everything I've done since has been a continuation of that process, and the one I start tomorrow will be another link in the chain.

Looking back over thirty years of doing this it is obvious to me that the only secret is persistence and effort, and what fuels that is passion.

If you love doing it enough you'll get there - eventually.

As I have pointed out hundreds of times, I was 35 when my first record was released and it took me twenty years to get there.

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