Hi Ott. Really looking forward to your new work. It has been too long :). Just a couple of questions about your live setup. You said below that the guitar goes into the desk via Native instruments Guitar rig. Can you say a bit more about that? Do you plug the guitar into the soundcard with a DI box? and what settings are yo using in Guitar rig. You also mentioned that the vocals go into the mixer through a ton of FX. What are the effects you use to get it sounding so awesome. I gues you do a high cut eq and hard compressor to fine tuning eq. But then to what? Antares and a filter?? Phaser??? Its always interested to know these things.

Ott responded on 02/26/2015

Nicks's guitars are Line 6 Variax models which put out a line-level. This goes straight into our X32 mixer, through the laptop and then back to the X32, before outputting to FoH via a subgroup. We use a different [home made] Guitar Rig patch for every song and there isn't enough space here to describe every one. One thing about Guitar Rig is that the presets are all terrible and you have to start from scratch if you're not going to sound like a 1980's jazz/metal fusion band every time you fire it up.

The vocals do a similar thing, passing through an FX chain comprising a compressor, an EQ [just for bass rolloff], Autotune and a Korg MS20. There is another compressor and a limiter at the end of the chain. I control a lot of the vocal chain parameters and guitar rig parameters live from a controller.

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