Hey Ott, Hope your haveing a nice day!
I was wondering about set lists, how do you dicide being the artist you are with the songs you have (soon to have a fourth batch!) what should begin, be the middle flow and end your sets with? do you have any favorit songs you like to start and end shows with? or has your new album Top Trumps over older mertirial? Thanks again man. : )

Ott responded on 03/12/2015

I do have my favourites, songs I feel I have to play, and there are clusters of songs which go well together.

I should probably switch them around a bit more than I do, and I always mean to, but when it comes to actually playing them the next song to play is usually screamingly obvious to me and all the plans I made to go off on a tangent go out of the window.

In a three or four hour set I can wander off on more of a detour but for a 60 or 90 minute set I generally find I'm reaching for the greatest hits. It will be nice to have some new songs to play and I'm secretly [duh, I blew it] working on a remix album behind the scenes so I hope to feed a few of those in as they become ready.

I like to start with "Daisies and Rubies" and I like to finish with either "Rogue bagel" or "Smoked Glass And Chrome"

Occasionally 'Jammin' by Bob Marley, if I'm feeling frivolous.

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You are amazing. I found an unlabeled, scratched up CD-R of Hallucinogen in Dub (sorry) in my binder. Had never listened to it in the the probably eight years since I had it until..

I played it today and was amazed that this had been produced in 2002. It defied my conclusion that electronic music didn't really have "the sound together" until '08. (I like RJD too but he was an outlier).

I didn't know who you were and nor did my girlfriend. We both were like, "Who is this?" I see you've had your share of accolades so I rest assured to be accompanied by similar tastes.

Thanks for this work. Thanks for the post about Bitwig. Thanks for making music and thanks for reading.


Ott responded on 03/12/2015
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I do actually. I was in Envision and the producers took me to hear you (josh Wendel)-- knocked me out so I sent some links to some producing friends (I worked with Phil Ramone (quincy jones, etc) before he died and a slew of others you know..more as an entertainment producer creating events- Anyways, I like to compose for fun but I cant get away from how amazing your sound is.. A little insight on your gear list for live and the studio would be fun to know.. Synths and set up - just love your composition and sounds..wondered how u compose (use ableton - logic - protools) - just no one sounds and rich and full as you -- like an Opus -- you nailed something beautiful.. Just hoping to understand it. Not important to answer - im sure we will cross paths -Thanks for bring someting organic to the digital world.. Lawrence Robins NYC

Ott responded on 03/12/2015
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