I do actually. I was in Envision and the producers took me to hear you (josh Wendel)-- knocked me out so I sent some links to some producing friends (I worked with Phil Ramone (quincy jones, etc) before he died and a slew of others you know..more as an entertainment producer creating events- Anyways, I like to compose for fun but I cant get away from how amazing your sound is.. A little insight on your gear list for live and the studio would be fun to know.. Synths and set up - just love your composition and sounds..wondered how u compose (use ableton - logic - protools) - just no one sounds and rich and full as you -- like an Opus -- you nailed something beautiful.. Just hoping to understand it. Not important to answer - im sure we will cross paths -Thanks for bring someting organic to the digital world.. Lawrence Robins NYC

Ott responded on 03/12/2015

On stage at the moment it is NI Traktor with Z1, X1 and S1 controllers.

In the studio it is Cubase 8 and a large collection of cranky old analogue synths and outboard gear. I still use an analogue mixer, although final mixes are done 'in the box' because I like the way Cubase automation works.

I use some softsynths but I tend to reach for an analogue instrument first because I like the sound they make when you layer lots of them up together.

I recently bought a Yamaha Electone home organ off eBay for £5 [about $7 USD] and I'm using it on everything. It makes the lushest polysynth sounds I've ever heard. I run it through my Doepfer A100 modular synth for filtering and modulation.

A big part of it for me is combining "real" sounds - guitars, sitars, flutes, voices - with electronic sounds, synthetic drums with hand-played acoustic percussion. I find the combination of both provides a contrast which isn't possible with either on their own.

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