Hi Ott, At what level (RMS)do you give your tracks to be mastered. Do you leave all bass on the track (as opposed to hi passing some sub bass out) so it can be balanced at mastering? Thanks!

Ott responded on 04/11/2015

I mix at -14dB RMS which allows plenty of headroom for mastering.

I'm surprised at how often i get asked about applying high-pass filters. It's something I'd only ever do to correct a specific problem. If I think there is too much sub-bass on a track then the mix is clearly not finished and still needs work. If I am happy with the mix then I definitely wouldn't put a high pass filter across it 'just in case' as this would destroy my carefully-shaped bottom end.

That is precisely the kind of thing i would leave to a mastering engineer to have the final word on.

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