Hey Ott, A friend recently told me about Ozora in Hungary and I've been watching loads of videos on youtube since. Line up looks good, the festival looks great but im not Massive on Psy Trance... I want to go mainly to see The All Seeing Eye in an epic location! but not sure about 6 days of 150 BPM blasting in to my mind! haha. you've played a few times, do you recomend it for the lover of ambient, chill out and down tempo? is it the perfect location to see the Band for the first time? or do you have a favorite place you can recomend to have the live experiance? many thanks!

Ott responded on 04/11/2015

Ozora is a fantastic place and only means Psy Trance if you go to the main stage.

The other stages are varied enough and the chillout space is exceptional. The variety in there is sufficient to keep you entertained, but there is also the Dragon's Nest [bands etc] and the Pumpui, plus all the other spaces.

You'll love it, I promise.

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