Hello, I hope you're okay with my not really asking anything but really just sending you love...if not, stopping read now...
Recently I've decided that you're my current favorite musician and I really cannot stop listening to all of your music. Your old stuff, your newer stuff, all of it tickles my brain in the most satisfying way. I was somehow able to arrange all the necessary components to be able to attend your show with Tipper, Lusine, Evac, Ion Driver, Quixotic, Android Jones, Alex and Allyson Grey and Jonathan Singer on May 16th (goddamn that fucking line-up tho) and I must say that I've never been more excited for an event in my entire life.
There really wasn't a clear intention in me writing this right now. I'm avoiding homework and was just watching an interview of you from 2012 and I keep falling in love with your words. Thank you for creating some of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard, you are inspiring to me as a musician and a human...
I love you. - Erin Dillon

Ott responded on 04/27/2015

Dear Erin,

I love you too.

Thanks for your lovely words. Every time somebody takes the time to write nice things to me it pushes me on a bit.

See you at Red Rocks.

Ott. X

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