Have you heard any of Frank Zappa's synclavier works? Programmed in the very early 90's with a synclavier on an Apple II computer (notes typed in one-by-one on a green/black screen). The level of cheeky musical wit and technical ingenuity is ridiculous.

Ott responded on 04/27/2015

Sounds pretty unlistenable to me. :0)

Frank Zappa is one of those people that I always feel I ought to have investigated more than I have, as most of my favourite musicians site him as an influence somewhere along the line. I bought the album 'Freak Out' on cassette for £1 years ago and played it incessantly for years [listening to it now on YouTube - genius.] but everything else I've heard of his just hits my ears and bounces off.

The Synclavier stuff in particular sounds like a home organ demo performed by somebody who has had too much Adderall.

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