Hi Ott, I love how your snares sound. I know no two snares are the same, but I just wonder what compression settings (attack, ratio, release) you would normally use, roughly speaking. Cheers!

Ott responded on 04/27/2015

I don't have any typical settings, each case is different. The same snare on a different day, in a different mix, might have different settings.

As usual, it's a matter of philosophy:

Something like a snare drum, which goes 'Blam!' prominently every two beats all the way through the song, with a frequency emphasis right where the human ear is most sensitive, had better be really good or it'll get annoying very quickly. So time is spent making sure it is assertive but not irritating.

As a starting point I'd say 4:1 ratio, hard-knee, slow-ish attack, fast-ish release, adjust threshold until around 3dB of GR on each hit and then tweak to taste.

Then decide it's shit, try every other compressor you own on every possible setting, replace the sample, layer it up with some handclaps, decide that sounds awesome, change your mind, delete it all and start again. Four times.

Then, inevitably, return to what you started with and decide that, actually, it works really well after all.

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