Hi Ott, first up thanks for the tunes, they make a great soundtrack to life in general :)

I'm wondering if you can settle a debate I have with my kids about the vocal effects in Squirrel and Biscuits...namely the "male" vocal which appears about half way...which we've taken to calling the Soup Dragon. Is this indeed a sample of the character from the Clangers...if not, I'm curious as to how you processed the original sample to get the effect..unless its one of those "I could tell you but I'd have to kill you things".

Best to you and your's, I'm looking forward to the new album.


Ott responded on 05/13/2015

Hi Dave,

You're not a million miles away but it's not the Soup Dragon. It has been heavily cut up with scissors and glued back together but a few people have recognised it. If you spent the early '70s in England, sitting in front of a TV wearing bobbly nylon pyjamas, it should jump right out at you.

I don't want to say specifically where it came from though as I don't want to ruin it for those people who have made up their own story about what it is. The 'truth' could never be as good as that.

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