Hey Ott! Is there ANY chance you'd consider putting any of your live sets up for download or purchase? I understand the value of having us wait for the magic - maybe it'd take the timelessness out of things - but it's been a couple years since you've been to the Pacific Northwest and I'm not quite financially privileged enough to travel out of the region to catch your sets. Trust me - I looked into making it to the fabled Red Rocks show, but it would have been hundreds of dollars that I simply couldn't spend. For what it's worth, I rock out to Gnomelandia and your All Seeing Eye DVD at least once a week and would reeeeeEEEEeeEEeeeEEEEEEEEally love to get my hands on some more live material. Love you forever no matter what. :D

Ott responded on 05/28/2015

Yeah, I'm planning to record all of the shows on my next US tour [Sept/Oct 2105] and release both a live album and various sets along the way.

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