Hi Ott,
Got absorbed into Blumenkraft again yesterday, and was really noticing the beauty of your percussion lines. What processes are you putting on them to make them so captivating? For example i love it when it sometimes sounds like squeaky trainers in a squash court. I would assume that was some sort of reverb, but i read somewhere below that you don't like reverbs, so i assume that cant be it. and sometimes they just melt and zing around. Can you give me some tips on your percussion mixing techniques?

Ott responded on 07/11/2015

My reverbs are mostly mechanical spring reverbs. A have an AKG B15 and an Orban IIIb which I use on every track. Sometimes for the 'squeaky trainers on a squash court' effect I place a flanger [MXR Blue Front] before the reverb, on the send, with the feedback turned up, to make every reverb hit sound different.

Other than that, I'd say the fact that I play all of the percussion by hand [real instruments, microphone] probably helps a great deal.

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