just to let you know... gives a warning that... "this site may be hacked" on google. I also of course have a question! Do you think with my treated small room I would be able to a/b my mix with a 24htz bottom sub and my a7x's at a moderate level to see whats going on down there without causing more problems.

I know your thumb method but trust my ears more. This is just to check levels. I feel I push the bass more than I have to on the Adams because I am trying to compensate with not hearing anything below 50htz. I'm looking at a Thanks!

Ott responded on 07/11/2015

Yes, I keep getting warnings about that. I paid some company $200 to clean it up but it's back again. Soon I will be rid of Wordpress forever.

You are wrong to trust your ears when judging sub bass because, rather than 'hearing' them with your ears, you 'feel' frequencies that low through your body. Your ears do not accurately extend down to 27Hz.

The only way to accurately judge the proportion of your low bass is to reliably couple yourself to the bass drivers and 'feel' the proportions through your body. This can be achieved by either having sufficient speaker power and a well-designed, acoustically stable room, or simply placing your thumb on the bass driver and learning to interpret what it is telling you.

You are, obviously, free to ignore this advice and find your own way. Simply adding more sub is not the answer.

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