Hello Ott!

This might sound like a super dumb question, but i'll try my best to explain it. In a lot of your tracks (e.g. Ground Luminosity - New Yoghurt Loom Mix) , i hear the same sounds that are panned onto the sides (the pads, throat singing) in the intro. Clearly, there is no center image to them. I wonder, how you are able to create this effect? If i try to take the same sound and pan it to the sides - At equal volume, it appears to be coming from the center. And, if the volume is tweaked, then i hear it coming from the side that is louder than the other. Please, throw in some light on to this matter. Forgive me, if this made no sense.

Ott responded on 08/13/2015

What you have there is two identical signals and in order for the brain to perceive any stereo information you need to make them different to each other.

You can do this by slightly pitch shifting one side up [8cents] and the other side down [-8cents] or applying a stereo chorus, or whatever makes them not identical.

I would write a better answer but my flight is just about to board.

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